It all starts with us and the only person in this whole world who is sincere with us is our own self, so it’s very important for us to have confidence in our self, yet there are people around us who are our friends or any of our close relative suffering from depression or some kind stress due to any kind of issues in their lives and dealing with life sometimes can give you major headaches and so people in depression start gulping pills such as stress controlling, antidepressants pills and ADD medicines which give a major impact on their mind and there thinking abilities resulting in their self-esteem to drop.

If our mental health is well we can cope down with everything but if we are not doing mentally well it can affect our overall health including physical health. Many people over the world facing depression, stress, anxiety or behavioral issues like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) go through many medications, and treatments such as ADD treatment, counseling, and therapy sessions and medication that may affect their overall health.

Firstly to heal ourselves we have to oversee inside us and see that what are the things which are creating negativity inside us we have to note them down and challenge them up our only power is that only YOU ARE YOU AND NO ONE ELSE and YOU DO YOU. Everybody is unique in their own way it’s just that everyone is different from one another.

Self-love is valuing your own self, it’s the unconditional love you hold for yourself which you keep giving to others it’s the act of kindness of acceptance and letting the things go which aren’t in your hand and no more worrying on useless things which are out of our control. Self-love is appreciating oneself and telling that how stunning and amazing of a person you are, self-love is conquering your flaws and feeling beautiful in it, life is short and marching towards as every day passes by and we have so many dreams and so many goals to fulfill and to achieve and in order to achieve it one should have self-confidence, they should have firm faith and believe in their selves that nothing can stop them from achieving what they want in life and no one has the right to tell them that what can they do and what not and what should they dream about and what is not just in there league no one has the right to do it, I repeat NO ONE !!!

In today’s time speaking very honestly this world and every single person dwelling on it needs love, they need someone on whom they can rely on because there is so much negativity out there that its really affecting our mental health and wellbeing and this that place where things start to shake as the moment you lose your self-confidence and believe on yourself you start questioning yourself that will I be able to do it? Or what will people think? Or am I worthy enough? All these questions build a cloud inside your head and there you start doubting yourself, your capabilities, and your worth. For loving yourself all you need is positivity and love for yourself and if you start working on these two and implement them in your life you will see a major change in yourself, Once you start taking care yourself you won’t be letting anything define you and you will accept yourself the way you are, you will not be entertaining the negative energies inside or outside you and then you will heal and love yourself more and more every day and after that, you will hit a stage that you won’t even care what people think or say about you, you will just be a total let them blabber kind of a person.

How can we change ourselves and implement these good energies into us is that all we have to do is give a small hug to ourselves and tell ourselves every day that how stunning and amazing we are and how much you love yourself and start practicing some good habits and make them a part of your routine, all you have to do is just take 10 to 15 minutes out for yourself and do meditation as it attracts positive energies and lets out all the negative thoughts. Not only mentally but physically also do good to yourself as fill your body with healthy drinks and whole foods and avoid junk as much as possible, start accepting yourself the way you are and move that body love yourself and skin color or the size you’re in, don’t compare yourself to anyone as there is no one on the planet like you the only person you should be comparing yourself is only you and no one else and the most important one ends all the toxic relationships as nothing can harm a person’s health more than a toxic relationship can do to you, you have to let go past traumas and wounds I know it can be really tough but once get out of your past and live your present you enjoy life to the utmost limit as the weight of that will be lifted off our shoulders and we will feel relieved and lastly find your happy place where everything is yours, the smell, the color of that place, the vibes it should be giving only positive energies back, and you will feel calm and happy, the vibes it should be giving only positive energies back, and you will feel calm and happy.


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