Earlier, buying a car insurance involved hiring agents and then purchasing a policy they suggested. Most people used to buy motor insurance after looking at barely one or two policies referred by their agent. Now, car insurance comparison online has made it easy to check different insurance policies online and buy the most feasible one. Along with quick and hassle-free policy purchase, it is also cost-effective to buy car insurance online since you won’t have to pay the agent and you can look for a low-priced policy.

How Is Car Insurance Comparison Done Online?

Before comparing car insurance online, familiarize yourself with these things:

1. Car Model and Variant

Higher model cars and expensive cars generally have higher premium value.

2. Manufacture Year

With the help of the year of manufacture, your provider will assess insured declared value, based on which the premium is decided.

3. Car with CNG Fitting

Just like high-priced cars, CNG fitted cars also have slightly high premium.

4. Additional Covers

You need to assess if you need additional cover for enhanced insurance coverage for your car.

5. Documents needed

You will need to provide the registration certificate’s copy and fill proposal form.

Here’s how you can purchase and do your car insurance comparison online:

  1. Visit Coverfox.com and click on Car.
  2. Here, if you already have a policy, then Enter Your Car Number and select the relevant option from Your Previous Policy drop down.
  3. If you want to buy an online car insurance for your new car, then click on Bought a new car.
  4. Now, select your car, car model, and car registration year.
  5. Enter which RTO will your car get registered at?
  6. Enter your 10 digit mobile number and hit Compare Quotes.
  7. Car insurance comparison online will be displayed, select your policy after checking Premium Breakup.
  8. Provide when you want your policy to start and when your car was manufactured to receive the final quote.

Is Car Insurance Comparison Online Easy?

Purchasing insurance online is fairly simple and easy than buying insurance offline. In the offline process, you may have to hire an agent, adjust your available timings according to your agent’s time, complete a lot of paperwork, and remember renewal date on your own. In the online process, most of these hassles are removed. You won’t have to talk to an agent, you can get a quote online in minutes any time, paperwork is comparatively low, and you will get constant reminders before policy expiry.

1. Hassle-Free Buy

Car insurance comparison online is hassle-free, and you can simply compare policies online, pick the one that suits your requirements, and get a quote. After that, you will have to provide some details and documents for verification.

2. Cost-effective Premium, Better Policy

Comparing car insurance policy online lets you evaluate similar policies with different pricing models. There is a possibility that your agent may advise you a car insurance that is costlier than any other insurance with similar features and add-ons. With this, online comparison gives you an option to choose relevant add-on covers that you may get in some policies but not in others.

3. Simple Renewal and Reminders

Renewal option in online policy is simple and you only need an internet connection. Your online car insurance provider will additionally send you renewal deadline reminders before the end date. And if in case you are not satisfied with your previous policy, you can shift your previous benefits to another policy with ease.

4. Easy Claim Process

If in case you and your car were involved in an accident, you may or may not get time to proceed with claim process in an offline insurance. However, if you have an online insurance, you can easily start the claim process online with just a gadget and internet access.

5. Get Discounts

Many insurance providers offer discounts on online purchase. If you buy your car insurance online, you can avail these discounts, which would otherwise may not be available offline.

Is It Necessary To Compare Car Insurance Online?

Comparing insurance online lets you shortlist the policy according to your requirements, compare options for cover provided, compare and analyse insurance declared value, and evaluate claim settlement process. All of which are not easy to evaluate in offline car insurance purchase. So, visit Coverfox.com and compare car insurance policies now to get the best deal!

Car Insurance Comparison Online Made Easy

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