Owning a two-wheeler is every Indian teenager’s dream. Once this dream is fulfilled, the happiness knows no bounds. But, one does not experience the same levels of performance after a while or as people grow older. This is because of the wear and tear that the bike suffers in all these years.

Some people take due measures to keep their bike in the best shape possible. The same cannot be assumed for all. Here is a silver lining for those who wish their bike was still as amazing as it was when they bought it. In this article, we have some tips for maintaining and increasing the performance of your beloved bike.

Tips To Improve A Bike’s Condition

#1 Engine

First and foremost – maintain the heart of your bike, its engine. It keeps your bike running. You can expect a spike in performance by cleaning and maintaining the engine. Make it a point to keep the carburetor clean and check the valve clearances. It is a good practice to clean it every 1500 kilometers. Also, maintain the spark plug on a regular basis. It is advised that you get the spark plug cleaned every 750 kilometers.

#2 Engine Oil

This fluid is responsible for lubricating the gears and engines that keep your bike running smoothly. If the levels of engine oil are low or if it has been contaminated from long distance travels and usage, it will result in an improper functioning of the bike’s engine. The frequency of replacing or refilling engine oil will depend upon the model of your bike. You can easily find this information in your bike’s user manual. Ensure the following at regular intervals:

  • Check for oil leakage
  • Check for reduced levels
  • Check if the oil has turned black or thickened

#3 Transmission System

Keeping the transmission system in a good condition is important for the smooth function of your bike. The chain needs to be well lubricated. Clean the accumulated dust and residue regularly. A dirty chain can exert pressure on the engine which may degrade the performance. Avoid using water to clean the chain as, if not dried properly it may cause some parts of the chain to rust.

#4 Battery

If the engine is the heart of your bike, the battery is its brain. Your bike draws its power from the battery, thus it is important to ensure its long life. You can do so by taking simple measures like re-filling it with distilled water from time to time. Also, look for any type of leakage. If you are not using your bike for a long time, the battery may get drained of charge. To avoid this, use your vehicle for short distance once a while.

#5 Speed

To keep your bike in a good health, ensure that you ride on an average speed of 40 to 60 kilometers. This will be beneficial in the long run.

Buy Insurance as a Backup

Bike insurance will help you sail through any financial loss caused due to your bike. Depending on the terms of your bike insurance policy, you can get a cover for third-party damages and own damage. You can also extend the scope of your bike insurance by opting for a comprehensive coverage and buying add-ons that suit your requirement.

Nowadays, you can buy two wheeler insurance in a convenient manner. You can buy two wheeler insurance without the need on an agent or an intermediary. The trick is to buy two wheeler insurance online. You can save money on the premium by doing so and you will also receive your policy instantly if you have a clean claim history.

To buy two wheeler insurance online, simply visit the insurer’s website, select a suitable plan, set the IDV and make the payment. Insurance provides a financial backup in case of mishaps.




5 Tips To Improve Your Bike’s Condition For Better Performance

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